single channel looped video artwork, 2020

Gary Deirmendjian

b 1967, Armenia, USSR

lives in Sydney, Australia

Fivex Art Prize photo: Eugene Hyland

Federation Square, Melbourne

14 to 27 March 2022, nightly 9.30pm–11.30pm

The Fivex Foundation is delighted to re-present its first commissioned artwork, pulse, by acclaimed Australian artist Gary Deirmendjian. A rhythmic colour field of light emanating from the Digital Facade in Melbourne’s landmark Federation Square, pulse is a tangible expression of the city’s strengthening heartbeat after prolonged Covid lockdown, filling the public space with gentle pulsing light that envelops passers by and the surrounding buildings.

pulse coincided with the launch of the Foundation’s inaugural Fivex Art Prize: Billboard Art Reimagined, showcased on the iconic QMS Media digital billboards located at the corner of Flinders and Elizabeth streets, Melbourne. Originally, both projects prominently featured within the city center from December 2020 to the end of January 2021.

Joshua Berger, Director of The Fivex Foundation and Fivex Art Prize said: ‘We are proud to present pulse by esteemed artist Gary Deirmendjian in Federation Square, Melbourne’s landmark public space. In the wake of the global health crisis, Gary’s subtle and uplifting work, and the striking artworks selected for the Fivex Art Prize, provide audiences an easily accessible opportunity to experience exciting art projects outside of conventional gallery settings.’

artist statement

the rhythmic thud that echoes from our vital core. our beat, there to be felt by delicate touch … there to be heard from the depths of our chest … there to be seen, a throbbing visible beneath tender skin. the predominant indicator of our moment-to-moment being, our wellbeing even, outwardly discernible.

as such at Federation Square, the great public space for shared experience at the Melbourne’s very heart, there beats an assuring monumental pulse in the form of light. surged by some social groundswell perhaps, it spills out without sound through perforated façade, with gentle coloured light reflected upon the people nearby, as though all subtly unified.

the City stirs, vital and alive …

artist biography

A sharp observer of the present, Gary Deirmendjian is a compelling and accomplished voice in Australian contemporary art. His unusual mode of practice has produced an extensive body of work that is often described as beguiling, thought-provoking and socially concerned. Deirmendjian’s work involves shared space, existing in public as poised suggestions in direct friction with daily life. They also often challenge audiences with their scale and immersive qualities.

His practice encompasses sculpture, photography, video, installation and site-specific intervention. He has exhibited extensively and received numerous new work invitations and commissions for private and public artworks, as well as site-specific projects, realised broadly in Australia and several internationally. Read More

photo: Eugene Hyland

photo: Trevor Mein

photo: Trevor Mein

photo: Trevor Mein

photo: Trevor Mein

pulse video excerpt:


pulse was commissioned by The Fivex Foundation, and presented in association with Federation Square. The artist gratefully acknowledges videographer Shahane Bekarian.

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