Nov 14, 2019

Billboard art reimagined – the new prize taking creativity to the streets

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The inaugural Fivex Art Prize offers visual artists and creatives the chance to reimagine billboard art with a work displayed in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD.

Imagine standing on the corner of Flinders and Elizabeth Streets – one of Melbourne’s busiest intersections and seeing your artwork on massive LED billboards. It’s the chance to break new ground in the way street art is viewed and have thousands of eyeballs on your work.

With the tagline ‘billboard art reimagined,’ the inaugural Fivex Art Prize offers the winning artist $30,000 and the chance to have their artwork seen by passing pedestrians and motorists throughout March 2020. There’s also a $1000 prize for finalists.

We invite artists to create conceptually and visually distinctive works that will have a strong impact when seen among the advertising content on the billboards,’ said Alessio Cavallaro, the creative producer of the Fivex Art Prize.

Entrants are asked to design a work for two billboards – a horizontal corner ‘wrap’, and an adjacent vertical ‘podium’ – that is conceptually related across both sites. The winning work and selected finalists will be showcased at designated intervals among commercial media content, and occasionally given their own spots without advertising too.

Viewers will notice that the striking artworks are not ads, that they are in fact a surprising form of street art,’ Cavallaro said.

It’s anticipated that visual artists, graphic designers, street artists, photographers, architects and others will take up the challenge knowing their work will find new audiences outside a gallery context.

‘There is a longstanding association between art and advertising. We hope this prize will open up the conversations around that,’ Cavallaro said.

‘We encourage artists to ask themselves: “What impressive, playful, compelling artwork can I create that will instantly capture attention when juxtaposed between commercial advertisements?”’.

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